Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nail Art: Speckled Green, Black and White Chevrons

This past week, after I swatched Julep - Felicia for review, I fell in love with this speckled green nail polish and didn't want to take it off.

But I was torn! I had some free time....would I pass up an opportunity to create nail art? But I didn't want to remove this polish!

What I came up with was a way to use the polish by incorporating my already-painted nails into a chevron manicure.

First of all, I want to apologize if you see any tip wear on the green nail polish. I had already been wearing Felicia for a day and a half before I decided to paint the nail art on top.

This was actually a pretty easy and straight-forward manicure. I already had the speckled green base painted on all of my fingers.

I used two single-chevron Nail Vinyls on my pointer and ring fingers to block out the shape of the chrevrons. At the base and tip of my nail, I used black polish, and in the space between the two chevron vinyls, I used white. Removing the vinyls, then, revealed the speckled polish underneath.

If you haven't used Nail Vinyls you're missing out on a great and easy tool in your nail art arsenal. They're a great to have when you're working on a manicure like this. I get a cleaner line using the Nail Vinyls than I do when using scotch tape or striping tape, and they aren't so sticky that they mess up the layers of polish underneath. In this manicure, I'm using the Single Chevron Nail Vinyls, but I've used other types previously in this "french tip" look, this zigzag look, as well as this half moon look that I posted to Instagram.

I had a tiny bit of smearing on my ring finger when I applied the top coat, but otherwise, not bad! I really loved the way this manicure turned out, and I wound up wearing it until it started to chip <3

Polishes / Items used in this manicure were:
Do you have any chevron manicures that you particularly love?

On the housekeeping front, I'm slowly working on filling a few features of the blog that I've been meaning to work on for ages. Do you realize that I never wrote an "About Me" page, even though I have a link to where one should be? And I started putting together an At-a-glance gallery for both my nail art  and my swatches. Hopefully, I'll get all of this done with over the next week! 

My collection page should be completely up-to-date, too.  If you take a look at it, let me know what polishes I should swatch next! I have a million of them to do!


  1. What a nice chevron design with that speckled green shade! Turned out nice.

    1. Thanks! <3 I thought that the black and green would balance each other out well

  2. I have been considering getting some of those nail vinyls. This mani looks so nice. Good save!

    Wow, just checked out your polish collection! lol, just a few untrieds *grins*. I recently acquired butter London Blagger and was thinking of doing it with silver glitter polish or silver studs or iridescent rhinestones in some fashion. Would you mind doing something with it?

    Or, if you have some polishes that are similar or almost dupes, comparisons are Always Appreciated! It's nice to see if what you have is enough, or if you really need the other one(s) also. Or how alike they are.

    1. Yeah, just a few untrieds :P I've only been doing this blog for a few months, so it's kinda slow going.

      I LOVE Blagger <3 One of my favorite blues - heck, favorite nail polishes in general! I've been meaning to swatch it for ages. (I used it in these two manicures: and btw).

      I think it would look amazing with a silver polish/studs. I might have to try that out!