Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nail Art: FingerFood's Theme Buffet #14 - Delicious - Apples

The theme for this week's FingerFood's Theme Buffet was "Delicious,"  and I was stuck all week on what I should do. The problem really wasn't a lack of ideas.... but too many! There's so many ways you can fulfill the "delicious" theme. I had started off thinking I might do a coffee-inspired theme....but the beautiful, warm weather here inspired me to do something a bit more "fresh" feeling.

I hope you enjoy the crisp and refreshing look of this apple-themed manicure!

I began with a base coat of Butter London - Cuppa,  a light creamy beige, on my middle three fingers. My pinky was done in a bold red (OPI - The Thrill of Brazil) and my thumb in a darker Kelly green.

I used a light green to freehand the outline of a large half-apple on my ring finger first. I filled this apple outline in with a sheer off-white polish (butter London - Cream Tea) to create the illusion of the flesh of an apple, then outlined the bright green apple with the darker green to give it a bit more dimension. I then used a dotting tool to create the apple seeds, and a nail art brush to create the stem.

Next, I used the red, light green and darker green,  along with a dotting tool, to create polka dots on my middle finger. It crushes me that they had turned out so perfect... until one of the red dots smeared when I put on my top coat ;___________;

The apples were actually based on the pattern on one of my stationery sets that I used while in Japan. I wish that I still had it that I could show you how cute it was! I used a larger dotting tool and a small brush to create the apples using red, as well as one done in light green. Each was topped off with a white highlight and a stem.

Sadly, some of the apples on my pointer finger came out kinda wonky :( I was in a rush to finish them since I was being called to leave for lunch and to run errands just as I was doing this nail.

Despite the mistakes, I really love the way these turned out. Sometimes I change my nails almost right away or after a day or so when I do nail art. I think I'm going to keep these on for a few days, at least!

Polishes / Items used in this manicure were:
  • Light Beige (ring, middle, pointer background): Butter London - Cuppa
  • Red (pinky, polka dots, apples): OPI - The Thrill of Brazil
  • Light Green (apple, polka dots): Butter London - Squatter
  • Dark Green (thumb, apple outline, polka dots): Sinful Colors - Garden Party
  • Off-White (center of apple, highlights on small apples): Butter London - Cream Tea
  • Charcoal Black (apple seeds, apple stems): Julep - Brandt

Make sure you check out the nail art by the other lovely ladies who take part in the Theme Buffet! I know that since I post at the end of every week, I usually mention my favorites. I might as well keep with tradition. Style Those Nails nail art is ALWAYS breathtaking, and this week's ice cream manicure is no exception.  Sam's look on FingerFood looks like chocolate and cream mixed together in coffee to create the perfect mocha. ALIQUID's jelly beans look deliciously edible, and NailsXO puts the perfect ice cream cone look (plus tutorial!) together with those stiletto nails that I could never pull off.


  1. These turned out so cute! Apples are one of my favorite fruits too! The ring and pointer nails turned out great.

  2. Can I just give you a high five? You did such a fantastic job with these. You've put so much thought and details into each and every nail, and they all look marvelous! I adore them all :)

    1. awww, *blush* thank you! *high fives*
      I'm happy that you liked them. I know some people will sketch out their nail art designs before they paint them, but usually procrastinate too much for that *lol* I just try to think of what will look good and balanced and just wing it.

  3. Oh my gosh those are just so freaking cute! I love the colors you picked as well.

    1. Thanks! <3 I was almost afraid the colors would look too Christmas-ey

  4. Manda, you have so much talent! It is incredible!