Friday, April 18, 2014

Reviews and Swatches: Butter London - Cuppa

I just can't bring myself to remove the nail art currently on my fingers to swatch a new Budget Friendly polish, so I'm reaching into my pile of swatched-but-not-yet-posted nail polish photos to bring you today's post.

I used this polish as the base for my apple manicure last week, and it's a beauty of a neutral and surprised me with how easy it went on and how good it looked. So, for today's swatch, let's take a look at Cuppa, a creamy pale beige/tan from Butter London.

Brand: Butter London
Name: Cuppa
Product Description: "Toasted opaque tan creme nail lacquer. A cup of tea. “Do you fancy a cuppa?" (credit: product page)
Vintage: Spring 2013
Collection: Sweetie Shop - Spring 2013
Limited Edition: no (discontinued?)
Finish: creme
Size: 11ml /.4 fl oz

When I was looking through my nail polishes last week for the perfect cream color for the base of my apple nail art, I couldn't quite find the right color. My usual go-to tan - Don't Pretzel My Buttons by OPI - was too dark. Sinful Colors Snow Me White was too stark a white. Then I remembered that I had this nail polish!

Cuppa is just about THE perfect cream-toned polish. It's not too peach, not too yellow, not too white, not too tan. The color is a pale tan or beige and I was surprised by how good it looked against my skin tone. See, I tend to have problems with beiges and tans as most are too yellow for my pale-with-pink-undertones skin. 

This may not be the most unique color in the nail polish world, but the quality  and ease of application was amazing. The formula for this polish was absolutely perfect. It went on smooth and easy - not too thick and not too thin - and self-leveled beautifully. 

The best part, about the application, though? No streaks. Most people who have tried painting their nails a pale white or cream know how streaky polishes in this color range can be. The polish is nearly opaque in one coat, but two will even everything out to a perfect, solid, creamy finish. 

I picked up Cuppa in one of Butter London's  Last Orders 50% off sales, and the polish doesn't seem to be listed on the website anymore. I'm guessing, then, that this one might be discontinued. It was offered as part of the Spring 2013 line-up which included Fruit Machine, Kerfuffle, Molly Coddled and Fiver - which are all still being sold - and Jasper, which like Cuppa, is no longer available.

Nail Art / Manicures  that use this polish:
If it's any indication from my collection, I adore Butter London nail polishes. I love the colors, the formulas and the amusing names. One of the biggest complaints I've seen about the brand, though, is the price. Amazingly, though, is that for as many as I have, I haven't paid more than half price for a singled one of my Butter Londons. Full price for this polish was $15, but I picked it up for $7.50. 

I suggest keeping an eye on butter London's website and social media accounts. When they are clearing out polishes to get rid of overstock or make room for new items, they often have 50% off sales on their website. The next time I see them having a sale, I'll be sure to post it here!

Disclaimer: I will give my honest opinion on any reviews and swatches that appear on this site, regardless of origin. The polish mentioned in this post was purchased by myself  <3

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