Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nail Art: Enchanted Polish Green and Blue Feathers

Have you ever gotten a nail polish and immediately thought, "I HAVE to do something with this polish as soon as possible"? Well, the moment I got my new polishes from Enchanted Polish last week, I KNEW I had to put one or both of them to good use in a new manicure.

In the end, it was the insane holographic effect that March 2014 puts off that made me chose that polish. I've been wanting to use this feather-patterned stamp for ages. Put the two together, and this is what you get!

It'e been a while since I've done any nail stamping, and I always forget how much I love doing it. It's so much easier than freehand nail art and painting with my non-dominant hand. It doesn't hurt that there are so many amazing designs to use. Out of curiosity, I'd love to hear what all of your favorite stamping sets are!

After painting a base using March 2014, a gorgeous spring green holo, I had a hard time deciding what color to use with it. In the end, I decided to make this an all-holo, all-Enchanted Polish manicure and used January 2014, a navy holo, to match.

Stamping with January 2014 was pretty easy, and the polish works pretty well for stamping. I wanted to try out the double-sided XL stamper that I got recently (it's the black one with a squishy white stamping end that you can find a lot of places). Strangely, I couldn't get it to pick up ANYTHING, so I went back to my trusty non-squishy Konad brand stamper and it worked perfectly fine. I'll have to figure out why the squishy stamper wasn't working. The residue of some sort of release agent  left over from manufacturing, maybe?

Since I stamped a feather-like pattern on my pinky, middle finger and thumb, I wanted to paint my ring and pointer fingers in a simple-but-bold pattern that would compliment it. I think they manage to match pretty well. What do you think?

I used Nail Vinyls  Straights to create the lines on my fingers to give the impression of the close-up of a stylized feather. This is actually the first time I've run into trouble using Nail Vinyls. I found that they don't stick very well when they overlap each other. The vinyls just don't want to adhere to the vinyl backing of other Nail Vinyls. I managed to get them stuck enough to finish this design, at least! Now I know, for the future, to keep this in mind when designing.

I also couldn't resist taking photos of these nails in full sunlight to catch the beautiful holographic effect that Enchanted Polishes are known for. Just look at those rainbows! Expect a review of these polishes soon, btw!

Polishes / Items used in this manicure were:

  • Navy holo: Enchanted Polish - January 2014
  • Nail Stamping: Bundle Monster 2013 CYO Collection - Plate BM 410

I still find myself staring at this manicure and watching as the holos dance in the light. This is one of the few manicures I've done that I can't find some flaw to pick at and dwell on. Sure, there are little things that I could have done better, but overall it didn't turn out bad at all.

Let me know what you think about this manicure. I'd love to hear from you... and please let me know what you would like me to try next!


  1. This is gorgeous! I did something pretty similar to this too :)

    1. Thanks! <3 And I don't remember seeing what you had done. I'd love to take a look <3 I'm going to go wander through your blog to see if I can find it

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  3. love THIS ! holo polish is very nice !