Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reviews and Swatches: Enchanted Polish - March 2014

Wow, it's been a crazy busy week thusfar. I started a new job on Tuesday, which  meant that my whole posting schedule got out of whack. I'm going to be using this weekend to write up some posts so you don't have to deal with the unplanned breaks from here on in.

Today I'm bringing you what was originially meant to be my Monday Indie Spotlight polish. This amazingly gorgeous polish is from Enchanted Polish, and is the March 2014 addition to the company's monthly mystery polish releass.

Indirect Sun
Direct Sun

Brand: Enchanted Polish
Name: March 2014
Product Description: -
Vintage: March 2014 (March 2014 preorder, shipped in April)
Collection: N/A - monthly release
Limited Edition: Yes
Finish: linear holographic
Sizes: 16.5 ml / .56 fl oz
Dupes: -

The March 2014 is a fresh, springy, grass green nail polish that just SCREAMS spring. The photos I've posted here don't even begin to portray the fresh, bright-yet-soft green of this polish.

The magic, as with most all of Enchanted Polish's creations, is in the holographic properties. March 2014 has a VERY strong linear holographic effect that just takes your breath away. Seriously, this holo is unreal. Half of these photos were taken in indirect or filtered sunlight and the holo still shines strong.

The polish was very easy to apply, with a formula that may be on the slightly thicker end of good. This doesn't hamper application at all, though. It goes on so smoothly and levels out fairly easily, with a pretty even shine.

March 2014 is pretty much opaque in 2 coats, but I found that the depth of the color and the holo effect both looked best if you apply 3 coats.

All of the polishes that have been released as monthly mystery polishes have turned out to be gorgeous. I still kick myself for missing out on February 2014. The pre-order window is only open for 30-60 minutes and I sadly missed the window that dya :( Otherwise, I'd have this year's full set so far...

Nail Art / Manicures  that use this polish:

I really hope that you all picked up a bottle of this during the pre-order period, or were able to pick it up some other way. It's definitely a beauty and worth the money and the wait!

The next time I see that Enchanted Polish is going to be on sale or accepting preorders, I'll be sure to post about it. It'll either here, or on one of my other accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). In the meantime, check out Enchanted Polish here:
Disclaimer: I will give my honest opinion on any reviews and swatches that appear on this site, regardless of origin. The polish mentioned in this post was purchased by myself  <3


  1. That is so pretty! I want a bottle of it now, lol.

    1. I know how you feel. I tend to see so many polishes out there that I can't find, let alone afford <3 And it really IS a pretty polish