Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatches and Reviews: Pure Ice - Wild Thing

Last week, I reviewed Pure Ice - Excuse Me for my Budget-Friendly feature and was pretty disappointed with the polish. This time, Budget-Friendly Polishes returns to its normal Friday schedule, and I'm going to give Pure Ice another try.

Just as last week, this nail polish was a gift from my mom (though why she chose this one for herself, I have no idea). This time, though, the polish is definitely a bit more to my liking - a bright green creme called "Wild Thing."

Brand: Pure Ice
Name: Wild Thing (616)
Product Description: 
Collection:  permanent
Limited Edition: no, permanent
Size: 15ml /.5 fl oz

Wild thing is a bold, bright, spring green that juuuuuuust borders on being neon, without crossing that line. The creme finish has an almost flat tone to it that helps to dull down the brightness of the color a bit. If I were to name the color, I'd probably say it's a bright chartreuse. As a warning, though, I THINK the photos may be showing the color to be a tiny bit brighter than what it is in real life.

These photos show three coats of Wild Thing. The polish was pretty much opaque after two coats, but I had one or two streaky spots that I wanted to cover up. The formula is definitely a bit finicky and takes a good bit of patience to work with.  When I painted the first coat, the formula seemed almost too thin and runny, but when I went to apply a second coat, it was almost too thick. The polish doesn't self-level, so getting an even surface is a bit tricky, and the second (and third) coats tend to drag a bit. I found that using thicker coats than I normally paint with helped a lot.

I would have expected a bit more of a glossy finish to this polish than there actually is. For photographic purposes, all of these photos are taken with no top coat.  I  suggest using a good high-gloss top coat to really bring out the color and shine, as well as to protect from chipping.

Why do I suggest to protect them from chipping? I painted these last night before bed with the intention of photographing them in the morning/afternoon (I don't have a light box yet, and currently have to rely on the sun for my photos.) If there are any chips or marks on this swatch, it's because I washed dishes before taking photos.  I found I had a bunch of chips in this polish on my right hand after doing the dishes, even though I've only worn the polish a little over twelve hours. Granted, washing dishes by hand is just about THE harshest thing I put my nails through, so normal wear might not be so bad.

This nail polish is VERY close in color to Butter London's Squatter and Sinful Colors Innocent, but it isn't a perfect dupe.  Pure Ice's Wild Thing is a touch brighter, and has a bit less yellow in the green coloring.

I can definitely see this polish working well in nail art, or with a coat of glitter or polka-dot topper. The brightness of the color really lends itself well to spring and summer (though I'm honestly one of those people who wear whatever color I want in spite of the season).

Manicures/nail art that use this nail polish:

The conclusion? Wild Thing isn't that bad of a polish, particularly for the $1.97 price tag.  I honestly tend to prefer Sinful Colors to Pure Ice. Sinful Colors tends to have better colors, finishes and formulas at the same price point. As such, I would suggest Sinful Colors  Innocent over this one. If you like the color, can't find Innocent or want something a touch greener than Innocent, Wild Thing is not really a bad polish alternative. It's not a color that everyone will like or will want, but for those of us that don't mind bright, bold cremes, it's not a bad choice.

*edit* Be sure to wear a base coat with this one! I just removed this polish and it seems as though it may cause some yellow staining.

Disclaimer: I will give my honest opinion on any reviews and swatches that appear on this site, regardless of origin. The polish mentioned in this post was a gift from my mother  <3


  1. Its such a fun and unique shade of green. Kind of Shrek green to me :)

    1. You know, that's probably the PERFECT description for it! Shrek Green:)