Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nail Art: Nude and Green Zigzags / Chevrons

With a freshly-swatched coat of polish on my nails and a couple sheets of Nail Vinyls laying around, my nails were dying for some nail art. Combine the two together and you get this manicure!

Perhaps it's a bit pedantic of me, but it drives me crazy how the term "chevron" has come to be used in the nail art and design community. I know, I know. It's not really a big deal, but a part of me wants to scream "They're not the same thing!!!" Come on in and take a look at my chevron zigzag nail art!

Last night, I spent the evening swatching a new-to-me polish, Baker from Cult Nails. It's an awesome "nude-with-something-extra" sort of polish (more on that polish tomorrow here!). After I photographed the swatches this morning, I sifted through my nail polishes for something to go with it.

The first polish to jump out at me to go with the tanned nude was Philly Loves Lacquer's Fancy Brigade. I really liked the two together, but wanted a third color to add a little more depth. I was going to go with a different hue, but kept coming back to Zoya - Bevin.

The zigzags were done with the Nail Vinyls that I got this past week. I messed around with them a bit for this bit of half moon nail art that I posted to Instagram this past week, but this is the first time that I set out to do a manicure specifically with these vinyls in mind. My ring finger was done using the Chevron Mini vinyls, and the wider zigzags on the other fingers were done with the Chevron Maxi vinyls.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these Nail Vinyls. They give you a great, crisp line and apply easily to the nail without sticking too firmly, and without or falling off. They're not actually intended to be reusable, but I kinda did reuse some of the larger chevrons successfully. I think they worked okay since I placed them on another nail immediately after removing them from the initial nail. Once I have some more manicures done using Nail Vinyls, I'll have to make a post solely dedicated to reviewing them!

Polishes / Items used in this manicure were:
By the way, this person's blog entry explains the zigzag vs. chevron thing better than I ever could. Plus there's pictures to illustrate it!  Has anyone else out there noticed this zigzag vs. chevron thing?