Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swatches and Reviews: Salon Perfect - Oil Slick

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to working through a backlog of nail polish swatches that I just haven't had the time to write reviews for.

The first polish that I'm going to take a look at is one that I've used in tons of nail art. You always seem to need a good black creme polish, and Oil Slick from Salon Perfect fits the bill perfectly when I'm looking for a good opaque black.

Brand: Salon Perfect
Name: Oil Slick
Product Description:
Collection: core
Limited Edition: no (permanent)
Finish: creme
Size: 14ml /.5 fl oz

(Don't mind the splotch of red polish on the bottle. Fallout from a manicure I did one day. You know how that happens sometimes!)

Oil Slick is a smooth black creme polish with a very glossy finish like, well, oil! Imagine that :p It's pretty much opaque in a single coat, but I use two just to even out any imperfections.

I had absolutely no complaints about Oil Slick's formula. It's not too thick or thin, and it self-leveled well. The polish goes on smoothly and dries with a high-gloss shine, even without a top coat.

If I had to make one complaint about the polish, it would probably be about the brush. It works well when you're doing a smaller area of the nail, but the bristles are on the longer side and they don't really spread when you apply polish across the entire nail.

All in all, Oil Slick is a basic high-gloss black creme. It's not a unique color, but everyone should have at least one  decent black polish in their collection. If you had to pick one, this isn't a bad one to have, and it's definitely an affordable one. 

Nail Art / Manicures  that use this polish:
Salon Perfect nail polishes are produced by the same company that makes China Glaze, and you'll often find dupes between the two brands. You can find Salon Perfect at pretty much any Walmart for $3.98, and you can learn more about the brand below:
I have a million swatches saved up so if I'm lucky, I'll get a bunch of them posted soon! It's amusing that I can tell, generally, when the photos were taken just from the length of my nails and general unevenness die to breaks :P Hopefully I can make a (small) dent in my as-of-yet Unswatched collection. Let me know what I should swatch next!


  1. That is one dark black creme!

    1. I think that's why I like using it for nail art <3 It's so dark and glossy that it works perfect

  2. wonderfull deep colour- lovely!
    Have a nice weekend!

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