Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nail Art: FingerFood's Theme Buffet #20 - Galaxy Nails

First off, I have to say that it's nice to be back and doing nail art and posting. I had to take a week off from the Theme Buffet (Sorry, Scarlett!) but I'm back!

I have to say that this week's manicure features the largest number of polishes that I've ever used in a single manicure. The sad thing is that when you look at it, you would never realize that!

The theme for this week was galaxies, and I hope that you like what I threw together!

I've always appreciated the look of galaxy or space manicures from the first time I saw them.  Seriously, how amazing is the idea of painting the universe on your nails?

While I love the look of galaxy nails, I've never actually looked at a tutorial for how to do them.  I just figured I'd grab a bunch of nail polishes and wing it!

I started off with two coats of Zoya Storm, this deep black filled  with holographic glitter. This makes just about THE perfect base for a galaxy nail look. I took a nail art brush and dabbed on Zoya Dream and Zoya Blaze, Storm'S blue and red cousins.  This built the basic starfield canvas upon which to build all of my starry nebulas and such.

From here, I sponged on a pale blue, a gold shimmer and a softer lilac color. I dabbed and sponged and generally played around with building up layers of color using blues, purples, pinks, yellows, etc.  to build my galaxies.

I dabbed on a bit of two different flakies, as well, to give it a special bit of flash. This really makes the manicure look just a touch different from different angles, and I love it  Finally, I finished it off with a couple of spots of white using a dotting tool to create more defined stars and give it some depth.

Polishes / Items used in this manicure:
  • Black with glitter: Zoya - Storm
  • Blue with glitter: Zoya - Dream
  • Red with glitter: Zoya - Blaze
  • Dark blue-ish purple creme: China Glaze - Queen B
  • Cobalt blue: Butter London - Blagger
  • Pale blue: Zoya - Blu
  • Magenta: Julep - Bette
  • Lilac: Essie - Play Date
  • Yellow creme: Butter London - Cheeky Chops
  • Golden yellow shimmer: Julep - Nadia
  • Redish purple flakie: Nfu-Oh - 51
  • White-ish green flashing flakie: Nfu-Oh - 40
  • White: Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
So, how do you think I did?  Did it turn out okay, given I didn't try to follow a tutorial?  Have you ever tried doing a galaxy manicure before?  I'd love to see it!


  1. You used a ton of polishes but I love the final outcome of your galaxy nails. It looks amazing. Its been a while since I've done one so I might have to attempt one soon.

    1. Thanks! you should definitely do one. I would love to see it! This was my first ever attempt at one and I really like the way it looks once it's done - even if you do have to work it like you're painting a landscape painting rather than nailsl

  2. this is one of the best galaxy designs I have seen so far!- wonderful :)

  3. Gorgeous! Great job, especially with your first attempt!