Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reviews and Swatches: Nfu-Oh - 51 (Flakie)

Oh, this polish. This beautiful, beautiful darling of a polish. I believe this may have been my very first lemming. I keep staring into the lacquer on my nails and feel like I'm downing in this beautiful opal-flecked abyss.

Creme polishes may be my favorites to use on an everyday basis, particularly for nail art, but flakies are like that decadent treat that I allow myself to have once in a while.

Let me introduce you to this beautiful flakie polish: Nfu-Oh's flakie #51

Brand: Nfu-Oh
Name: 51 (flakie)
Product Description: 
Collection: flakies
Limited Edition: yes? Discontinued
Size: 17ml /.6 fl oz

The first time I stumbled across Nfu-Oh polishes, what grabbed my attention wasn't the polish but the bottle itself. Nfu-Oh bottles are shaped like the skirt of an ornate gown, complete with flowers and ruffles. The caps, in turn, are molded in the shape of a corset with laces up the back and filigree swirls decorating it. Even if the polish wasn't as amazing as it is, I would have picked up this polish just for the bottle alone.

3 coats Nfu-Oh 51 with no colored base 
With the exception of this single photo which uses 3 coats of the polish with no colored base coat ("undies"), all of these photos show two coats of Nfu-Oh 51 over a base of China Glaze Queen B, a dark blueish purple.

The color of this polish is so hard to describe. Nfu Oh 51 has a deep blue jelly base that verges on purple. The real magic, though comes from the multichromatic flakes suspended inside. This polish looks so different in different lighting conditions, and even different times of day.

When I first started writing this post, it was night, and under the florescent lighting in my room,  I got a heavy red shine, with blue and purple at the edges. Now that I'm sitting here with indirect morning daylight filtering in, the coloring looks more golden orange with flashes of green at the tips and red at the edges. When I walk out and put my hand into direct light, the base appears more purples, with a heavy red shine and hits of gold and green here and there.

Because this polish features a jelly base, you can achieve different looks by using a different colored base. Want more of a blue tint? paint a coat of blue first. Want more of that red blazing through? Yep, throw down a coat of red. you can also reach opacity quicker and sometimes with bolder results just by using a coat of black.

The formula isn't bad. It's a touch on the thicker side, but not gluggy. Considering the amount of flakes in the mix, the thicker formula is completely understandable. The formula is still much better than the formula you get with most full-coverage glitters, and goes on relatively smoothly. The flakes in the polish are very fine, so there's no fishing around to pick up pieces.

The finish doesn't dry to be precisely SMOOTH, but it isn't rough or "textured" either.  This is probably due to the amount of opal flakes packed into the polish. A coat of top coat ( I used Seche Vite in these pictures) fixes that easily.

Manicures/nail art that use this nail polish:
I'm absolutely in love with this polish and am so happy that I bought it.  Other brands have put out flakie polishes, but Nfu-Oh had such a wide range to select from. Sadly, the flakies line (Nfu-Oh #31-60) has been discontinued. If you love flakies and multichromatic polishes, I suggest trying to get a bottle. Even though the flakies are discontinued, I managed to get mine through FabulouStreet with no problems. 

Disclaimer: I will give my honest opinion on any reviews and swatches that appear on this site, regardless of origin. All products mentioned in this review were purchased by myself <3


  1. This is gorgeous! I own this shade too but haven't worn it yet. I should though since I love anything with flakies.

    1. I'd love to see you wear it or do something with it. It really IS such a gorgeous polish

  2. Since I'm a relative newbie in the nail polish community, I missed out on the initial release of Nfu Oh flakies. However, thru a blog sale, I was able to collect a bottle of this fabulous polish. Since then, I decided I needed a backup and paid the price at the Bay of Evil for another. I have also purchased some of the still-available flakies (other than 51) through an e-tailer that still has them. I so wish Nfu Oh would bring back all their flakies! And those bottles!!! Works of Art! Thank you for the wonderful review and photos of this most beautiful of polishes.

    1. Thanks <3 I wish they would bring them back, too! They're all so gorgeous, and like you I missed out on them the first time around.