Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nail Art: Tri Polish Tuesday Challenge - Lovely Spring Gradients NOTD

It's Tuesday. It's also the first week of March, which means...

1. It's Tri Polish Tuesday!
2. It's time for a new set of Tri Polish colors!

So what color-filled goodness does March bring? In the spirit of Spring (oh, PLEASE say spring is coming soon!), we're going to be doing Green, Blue and Purple!

Last week, I had to skip out on the challenge. but I was eager to give it a try again this week.

Okay.... I have to admit it straight out. I cheated a bit this week. I know that it's the Tri POLISH Challenge... but I kinda sorta ignored that a bit this week and went for Tri COLOR Challenge.

See, I had just finished swatching Love, Angeline's Lovely Assistant, a pretty white crellie with lavender and aqua hexes suspended in it. (Review coming this week sometime!) I was looking at March's color scheme and realized what I had on my fingers fit the criteria perfectly!

"Okay," I thought. " I think I'm going to sponge a gradient onto the tips in blue and green, and that'll be my entry for this week!"  Julep's Francis, a springy grass-green, was a given. The problem was, I couldn't decide what blues to use! I narrowed it down to three different blues, and went back and forth over which one I liked best.

So I cheated and used all three.

(Confession time: I don't have any light purples/lavenders in my collection, yet. I have a few greens, but blues make up probably half of all the nail polishes I own.)

Products used in this manicure:

  • White glitter base: Love, Angeline - Lovely Assistant
  • Green gradient (pinky and thumb): Julep - Francis
  • Bleu gradient 1 (ring): Butter London - Poole
  • Blue gradient 2 (Middle): Butter London - Artful Dodger
  • Blue gradient 3 (pointer): Julep - Amy

Also, sorry for skipping Tri Polish tuesday last week. Last week's attempt for the challenge was such a disaster that I didn't even brave showing it. It was a good idea that I rushed too much,and I just couldn't execute. I liked the idea, so I'll definitely be trying it again!

Be sure to check out the nail art by other Tri Polish Challengers below!


  1. Love the gradient you did on the tips. Its pretty!

    1. Thank you! <3 it's definitely a sweet and happy mani

  2. These are so pretty and the colors work so well together! Even if you cheated hehe (; I love Love, Angeline polishes too!!

    1. I think we should allow ourselves to cheat once in a while ^_~

      So much love for Love, Angeline polishes. I'm a sucker for a good crellie and she has soooo many pretty ones. I wish I could afford more right now!