Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reviews and Swatches: Butter London - No More Waity Katie

I was trying to figure out what purple colors I have that I could use for the next Tri-Polish Challenge entry, when I remembered that I had picked up this polish during one of the Butter London Last Order clearance sales.

No More Waity, Katie is definitely a strange polish: strange color, strange formula, strange choice for a polish meant to commemorate the Royal Wedding.

But despite that all, somehow I actually like it.

Brand: Butter London
Name: No More Waity, Katie
Product Description: "No More Waity, Katie is a soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of lilac glitter for the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun." (credit: product page)
Vintage: March 2011
Collection: Developed to commemorate the Royal Wedding
Limited Edition: yes
Size: 11ml /.4 fl oz

First, I have to say that this is one of the oddest colors of nail polish that I ever tried. It's a cool-toned, purple-ish grey, with a semi-sheer base packed with tiny lavender glitter. It doesn't SOUND so much like a strange color combination, but once worn, it seems like a nail polish with a bit of an identity crisis. The purple-grey base lends itself more towards a conservative, corporate "greige" look, whereas the lavender glitter has a cute and whimsical vibe. It's also a REALLY hard color to capture properly in photos.

I painted the first coat, and as I waited for it to dry, all I could think was, "Oh, god, that doesn't look very good so far. I really hope that I didn't make a mistake and waste my money getting this thing!" The single sheer coat gave my nails a sort of "sparkly corpse nail" look, and the color reminded me a bit of the water in a bucket after you've been scrubbing a dirty floor. Doesn't sound very appealing, does it?

However, with each subsequent coat, the color definitely improved. It took three coats for the polish to even out and build up to a mostly-opaque color.

The formula on No More Waity, Katie was another odd thing about this polish. I wouldn't necessarily say that it was gloopy, because it wasn't really thick, but it didn't go on smoothly, either. I put the normal amount of polish on my brush as I usually use.... and it didn't seem to be enough to cover the whole nail. Application was definitely patchy and the texture was a bit rough after 3 coats of the glitter-laden polish. I usually do thin coats, but actually found that the polish spread better if you used thicker ones.

This polish dries lightning fast, which is good because you need a few coats to get this one to a point where it looks good. By the time I finished painting the last finger of my hand, the first nail I'd painted was pretty much dry. 

Overall, I'd say that this polish looks prettier in the bottle than it does on my fingers, but I still actually like it. It's one of those nail polish colors that I can't decided if I outright like the color, or if I like it because it's such a unique ugly-pretty color. I painted my nails with this color last night, while wearing a grey sweater, and it looked GREAT together.

Nail Art / Manicures  that use this polish:

  • coming soon
This polish was released back in  March 2011 in honor of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Did we really expect that a company that bases its colors all around British culture and slang would ignore the royal wedding? I, however, picked it up a few months ago during a Butter London 50% off Last Orders sale. I can't seem to find it on the butter London website anymore, so it may actually be completely gone now. 

I have a whole bunch of Butter London polishes in my collection and I love them to death, but did you know that I didn't pay full price for a single one? In fact, all of them were 50% or more off their retail price. I love keeping an eye out for new deals! I've been wanting to do more swatches of all the Butter London nail polishes that I have, but can't decide what to swatch. Which one should I try out next?

Disclaimer: I will give my honest opinion on any reviews and swatches that appear on this site, regardless of origin. All products mentioned in this review were purchased by myself <3


  1. I like it, could be perfect background for some designs :)

    1. I think it would be great for that too! Maybe a little stamping over it in white or something. Hmm... I'll have to think about it more

  2. Not the most unique color but its nice.