Friday, February 14, 2014

NOTD: Valentine's Day Hearts

After spending hours yesterday shoveling snow, my nails were an absolute disaster: Two broken nails on my right hand and the polish I'd applied the night before a chopped mess.

Seeing as it is Valentine's Day today, I figured why not use one of my favorite nail polishes to do a festive manicure that was a bit more traditional than the one I had posted previously.

Zoya' s Blaze is one of the my absolute favorite nail polishes. (One of these days, I'll get Dream to go with it <3 ) After a miserable day, I just wanted to relax with my favorite color on my nails and a cup of tea to cheer me up.

When I realized what a perfect color Blaze was for Valentine's Day, I decided to throw some stamped hearts on top. First I tried stamping a trio of flaming hearts on my ring finger, but the flames didn't stamp out cleanly. Some I didn't feel like repainting my nail , I just carefully removed the tiny bits of flames that DID adhere.

I used a different heart stamp on the other fingers, and again troy d the flaming hearts on my thumb (they came out right this time).

Overall, it's a quick and easy manicure that took practically no time at all. The top coat smeared the stamp a bit, but it's not THAT noticeable.

Products used in this manicure were:
So, how was Valentine's Day for all of you? Any plans? Sitting around being single like I am? Painting your nails?


  1. Beautiful V day design! I hope you had a wonderful day my dear!

  2. Thank you <3 I hope your day was great as well!