Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reviews and Swatches: Julep - Rooney

 February's Julep Maven box was filled polishes in a variety of textures and finishes. As a nail art and nail polish aficionado, I'm usually drawn to "It Girl," the polish-only option. This month's selection included a copper glitter (Diamond Theory), a dark army green creme (Roc Solid) and a deep purple stardust textured polish (Glam Roc). All subscribers were also given Love, the glitter polish on my ring finger in these photos.

This month, I also opted to add on the polish I'm reviewing today. I didn't have any brown polishes in my collection, so I decided to give Rooney a try.

Brand: Julep

Name: Rooney
Product Description: "Walnut bark crème" (credit: product page)
Vintage: February 2014
Collection: The Dramatic Collection (February Julep Maven 2014)
Limited Edition: no 
Size: 8ml /.27 fl oz

Name: Love
Product Description: "Jane's Gift - full-coverage gold, pearl and fuchsia micro glitter"
Vintage: February 2014
Collection: The Dramatic Collection (February Julep Maven 2014)
Limited Edition: Yes, gift to Julep Maven subscribers who took the February box
Size: 8ml /.27 fl oz

Rooney is a dark brown polish that reminds me a lot of hot fudge from a sundae. In certain lighting, the polish takes on an almost people-ish hue. Rooney was much darker in person than it appears to be in photos online, so much so that I double checked the label after it arrived just to make sure it was the right polish. It's not a BAD color, but was like getting dark chocolate when you were expecting more of a milk chocolate color.

With this polish, I had the opposite problem of what I usually do with Julep. Julep polishes tend towards a thicker, almost goopy consistency. Rooney, however, was thin and watery. In fact, it was almost TOO thin. Be careful when using this polish that you don't flood your cuticles!

Because it's so thin, it takes about 3 coats to achieve full opacity. The polish levels itself well, and dries to a beautiful shine. I actually think I prefer the thinner formula to the thicker one most of my Juleps have. It's more work to get an even color, but I didn't have the usual problems with dragging and lumpiness that I fight with.

Manicures/nail art that use this nail polish:

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  1. It IS a really nice brown color <3 I really need to get more browns