Friday, December 27, 2013

Every Blog Has a Beginning...

nail polish bottles
Once upon a time (read: more than a decade ago), I loved doing things with my nails. In high school, when it wasn't softball season, I would often get my nails done at a salon. I owned a ton of nail polish - granted, of the cheapest drug store variety -- and took joy in painting my nails a million different colors. Wet n Wild nail polish was my partner in crime, and at $1 a bottle, I could afford to paint my nails wild colors while on a high schooler's budget. While the results were often rushed and messy, I had tons of fun showing my personality through my nails.

When I went to college and my time, interest and money went to different pursuits. Then, with a post-college career using computers all the time, I found that my previously long nails often just got in the way. This was followed by five years working in public schools in Japan, where it was heavily frowned upon - if not outright forbidden - to paint my nails. At one school where I worked, I wasn't even allowed to have earrings in! All but the piercings I got when I was a young child closed up during my time there!

The world of DIY nail art has changed a lot since my days of painting each nail a different color of the rainbow. In those days, you didn't have the wealth of knowledge and resources that the Internet provides. Now, there are all manner of examples and tutorials floating around. YouTube, Pinterest, any number of blogs, even Google Images, can provide direction and inspiration.

My goal in creating this blog is to map my progress as a fledgling nail art enthusiast, sharing my trials, my finds, inspirations, and - if I ever make it to that level - my own tutorials.

I welcome any resources you may have so please feel free to share any videos, blogs or links that you might find helpful!

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